Monday, March 5, 2012

A Busy Day in Kololo...

We finally received the last order of corrugated today. By the end of
Monday all of the schools roofing will be finished up. And with that,
we will move a portion of the workers onto one of the final stages of
the build: the concrete floor pour.

a view from the NW side of the school while the remaining
corrugated is fastened into place.

     The last bit of serious construction is not easy, though it is still one of my favorites. As many as 14 people work in unison to constantly prepare, mix, deliver, receive and apply the cement. In a whirl of activity, classrooms take shape, and we all begin to revel in our collective accomplishment... A roof over head and a floor under foot, does wonders for envisioning the learning that will soon take place. If weather continues to hold, we anticipate completing the build in the next three and a half weeks. Not bad.
Andiso steadies the ladder while Matios places a sheet of corrugated. Meanwhile, a finishing coat of mud is slathered on the third tier virenda.

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