Saturday, December 15, 2012

5 weeks in

After five weeks of living in Azedebo, this is some of what we have accomplished.

First week of meetings with community, village elders, and local government officials.

The digging and framing of the schools pit latrine.

Weeding and leveling 45 meters by 45 meters of chunky farm land.

The creation of a fence that wraps around the schools entire perimeter and has a nice little pocket for the schools bathroom in the SW corner.

Planting over 250 timbers, some in excess of 6 meters into the ground.

The primary, secondary and tertiary framing of the two structures.

The creation and installation of nearly 2000 felt (split timbers)  

The hauling of over 40 square meters of dirt into the mixing pond (to be explained in detail later.

Moving 10,000 of pounds of boulders and rock into classroom spaces for the eventual creation of the foundation.

The list goes on and on.  

We are going to finish up the felt work and start mixing the cob (5 day process) Monday morning.  Along with that we will be finishing out the framing of the roof (rafters and perpendicular bracing for the corrugated), and  carrying in the rest of each classroom's foundation rock.  By the end of the week we will be ready for cob application and the installation of corrugated.   

Lolo and I are going on or first run this afternoon.  I'm hoping for a couple kilometers at a walk and jog type pacing.  It should be interesting. Enjoy your day.

Measuring for diagonal braces.  

Usual scenery

Felt Team A

Felt team B

Hammer's take allot of abuse out here. When handles snap we just make new ones.

You can really see the shape of the classes coming together.

View from the rock pile.  The cob mixing pit is right in front.

Framing and felt complete 

A days work

Where my fresh habasha ibe (feta like cheese) comes from.  We are always eating it at the  house.

Sahi roasting some Kolo to go with the coffee for our early evening snack.


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  2. Sorry about the removal of the comment, I forgot to add something and I couldn't edit...

    I was hoping to see a photo of the pup's first run!!

    I love your photos and to see the ladies in those skirts climbing with the boys... well that just rocks!