Thursday, December 13, 2012

Back and forth

Over the last two days I have had the rare opportunity to spend some concentrated time with Dana Roskey.  The very busy head of Ethiopia Reads.  He, Jim Mitchum (a friend of ER), and some of the ER office crew came down to visit the Azedebo build, and check in with Kololo.  I was able to take nearly a full day away from Azedebo (Temesgin took the reins) to catch up on ER programming, work with kololo staff, and talk through potential future projects.  We made sure to take some time for football chatter and a  beer or two, but almost the entirety of my latest time away was spent in productive conversation.  

Kololo was Kololo. Beautiful and full of smiles. 

The Azedebo worksite moved along just fine.  Take a look.  Yesterday and today's effort combined to finish up the roofs perpendicular supports, and nearly complete the felt in a majority of rooms.  As long as the roofing material is delivered in the  next 5 days, the corrugated will be going up next week.

Always good to be back in Kololo 
Degefe and Genut working together to fill some gaps in the felt.

Temesgin measuring for the tashagare (perpendicular roof supports).

Back end of the storage/office space.  Dont worry theres 2 windows for the office that are not pictured.

Where we are.

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