Monday, December 31, 2012

A few days away and look what I get

Last week I had to head to Addis for a couple days to meet with Dana (ER's in country director) before he left to the US.  Didnt get to stay for long, but the short time back was spent well between pithy conversations of future organizational development with the boss, and of course a few beers and plenty of good laughs with friends.  I love Addis, but the city life is always a bit much after more than a month in the country   Anyone that's visited a developing country and then made the mistake of heading to a big box store (home depot, target ect.) during their first week back in the US, has a decent idea of the feeling that I get: overwhelming abundance of far too much. That, and of course the smog, open sewer lines, crammed mini buses  and negotiation for everything.  I might be a bit jaded, or I just live too much of a locals life with foreigners face ;-). 

The day I left Azedebo cob mixing was going well, the rocks were going in, sorted and becoming a floors foundation, the framing was finished, and the rafters were up.  Today we loaded the last room full of rocks (foundation to be finished tomorrow, the cob mixing is almost complete and ready for application, and the roofs almost ready for corrugated.  Temesgin, Ejigu, and Sallamnesh worked effectively while I was gone to manage the work site, though I am not surprised.  My crew is a great one, made of reliable and skilled friends that I am thankful to have.  Check out some of the products of their hard work.

The ladies hands out hear put my leathers to shame

A spacious library coming together

Breaking rocks in the shade feels good

Azedebo ladies putting in a few tons of rock work

Prepping the beam for diagonal supports

Trimming the rafters for a perfectly level roof.  Matios has two arms, hes just showing off his perfectly balanced form.
Where we are 

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