Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'm still here

Iv’e not become a recluse.  The pace of the usually sluggish but functional internet service (using my USB CDMA modem) in rural SW Ethiopia has been close to at a standstill of late.  Upload times for a single have gone from 20 mins –upwards of an hour, and that’s when service even allows me to get on Blogger. Woe is me huh?  Not really, I just don’t want my readership thinking that I've gone and disappeared on you.
Oddly enough my old 3g iPhone , when standing in the right spot, or of course at the top of the roof-line sends and receives emails and international whats app texts with ease.   Unfortunately the blogging app doesn't work.

That said, this early morning I was able to load a few shots.

Rafters are almost finished up and the cob mixing has begun.  The roof will be installed over head and the cobs first layer will be being applied in the next 2 weeks.   After that, I move to the next site to start another. Updates to come, as long as the wires and tubes of Ethiopia's internet allows.

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  1. Beautiful photographs. I always get excited when I see that you have posted an update to this blog. Thank you!