Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Saturday nights

Life as a white fella in SW Ethiopia is as expected.  A lot of curiosity, staring, and shouts of incomprehensible English.  My days are made up of mostly work, my nights are for relaxing.  Many people, mostly my friends from back home, often wonder "when do you cut loose with a couple drink in hand?" I mean with the life I lead its assumed that a short respite would be called for on an at least bi-weekly basis.  Not so much.  With all the difficulties that come with being out here, my home life offers a nice little daily get away.

Yesterday is a good example, for its the usual.  After getting home around 6 pm I shared drinks and a few laughs with the family.  Then went through the routine of a bucket bath, playing with the pup and typing up some numbers.  The rest of the night was spent eating an amazing amount of delicious Ethiopian fare, and throwing back fresh habasha moonshine with father.  Oddly enough, the satellite feed was coming clear for the first time in weeks. So as we happily imbibed, we had the good fortune of taking in 3 hours of bootleg habasha preachings and WWE wrestling (dubbed in Arabic) on the families's 19 inch TV. Lead to some interesting conversation's ranging from the history of various religions in Kembata-Tembaro, to how to know exactly for sure if that kooky wrestling is really fake.

After work gebs and barly concoctions with Sigamo, my stoic 67 years young father.

Mom happily showing me and the kids how she crafts the families honey arakay.  

The honey goes in 
Then the local arakay

And  then you shake til just right

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