Friday, December 14, 2012

Thoughts from across the globe

Another day finished, with an exhausted smile.

We toil in a scalding equatorial sun each day to bring the opportunity of early education and literacy to Azedebo.  The work is physically draining, though little thought is paid to our labors.  We are resilient and strong. We understand our efforts are only a small, but important phase of the ER’s greater project, and we are grateful to be a part of it.  Our work is literally laying the foundation for education within the community.

Regardless of the amount of sweat lost, and aches reverberating throughout our bodies we are overcome not by our discomforts, but by the potential of our work.  We are Azedebo, and our efforts will create a better future. 

As I wait for the days photos to load, I am taken back by the heinous events that took place earlier today. We all at ER send our love and thought to the families and friends of those directly affected. Centers of education the world round can be magical place’s that inspire, and ignite a s spark that can one day change the world.  As concerned parents, educators,  students, politicians, citizens, let us walk away from the blame game’s and come together to ensure that our children are safe in and outside of our schools.  

In Azedebo the day was spent working to finish the felt, and building and installing ventilation points boxes to allow for the buildings passive air exchange.  Basically just boxes with screens to let hot air escape the structures rooms.
Cutting the milled boards to size

Lolo making the most of some temporary shade 
Temesgin leading Tarakin and Wendomu through the construction of the  vents.

Hoisting a vent into position

A few temporarily secured.  Tomorrow each will be leveled. Notice the felt is nearing completion.

A days work

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