Sunday, December 2, 2012

Lolo's got a new place to sleep

Let’s be honest.  Not too many folks like reading about bathrooms.  It’s the internet, people want kittens and puppies…. among a few other things. So I’m doubling up today. 

Ever growing Lolo has been sleeping in my bed since day one.  I got a small bed, so it’s about time I try introducing her to her own.  This afternoon Ejigu and I rummaged through some of the scrap material from the build, and my father donated a couple tattered, but milled boards.  After a couple hours of Sunday Funday dog house construction, Lolo has got herself a new place to hang. 

She is already putting it to use.  We will see how the night goes.


Its not pretty, but she likes it thus far.  The 2.0 (when she's 35 + pounds ) will be a little more aesthetically appeasing.
Chicken wire roof so Lolo can easily see who's watching over her, and i can see any mess she left for me.

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