Friday, December 7, 2012

Taking note

Each day in Ethiopia has provided its lessons, some have been over looked, subconsciously stored between grammar cues, and Addis bus stops, others taken in, but neglected, though many have been willingly ingrained.  A majority of the last are connected to managing a build. Its what I do, what I'm graded on, and it's one of things that I honestly enjoy. 

Ekodaga, and Kololo both were huge successes in their own right,  though the lessons that I took away from our mistakes have provided me a heightened ability to plan, and navigate our life/work in Azedeo.  It's beginning to show.  After less then a months time, my management team and I have become a part of the community, and we are respected.  Furthermore, we have empowered the Azedebo community to work as one in the completion of the first two and a half stages of the build.  The efficiency and quality of our effort has even amazed Ejigu and I.  ER's field team has come along way, and we will continue to improve, but we will never attain perfection.  As with previous endeavors, we will make mis-steps, though we are sure to take note, right our way and continue to move forward...  an important process that is now a foundational element of who we are.  

Over the next 4 days the rest of the framing will be complete and we will move onto filling the gaps and putting a roof over head.  

The days highlights:

Dewalt should so be sponsoring ER builds. 
Its almost surprising how straight you can make un-straight timbers. 
The guys and I.

One of he last couple swings of a productive day

Daily progress. Tomorrow we start the secondary framing of the second structure.

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