Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lolo's days on the job

Lolo is spending about half her days with us at the jobsite.  Her days off are shared with my family in their compound full of barnyard animals. She seems to enjoy herself in both locals, but shes really taken to the day's with the work-crew.  Most of those days are spent relaxing in the shade, or playing security guard.  The picture below catches Lolo napping at her post, though the community will attest to the fact work-site intruders are not welcomed by the 4.5 kilo Lolo.  It will be a few months until shes taken a little more seriously, though for the time being her effort is appreciated by everyone.  I love that shes all ready so protective over, what she must be assuming is Lolo's jobsite.  

Tired out after a long morning of security work 
When Lolo's not standing guard shes usually searching out one of the cob mixers's shoes.  Notice most folks are hanging theirs on the fence these days. 
I never show up on here. Here I am, after one of my log and stone exercise routines. 

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