Monday, December 10, 2012

Filling in the blanks

In a months time we have already reached the felt stage of the build.  That means we are done with all the secondary framing of a structure, and can begin nailing down the filler that provides the foundation of the buildings walls.  The wood or felt is actually just split eucalyptus logs, the same material that was used to create the schools fence line.. just much bigger.  We get massive logs dropped off and split them with a couple of axes and wooden sticks.  As you can imagine its not easy labor, and it takes quite allot of swings and prys to create the 2000 or so that we need for this build.  The end product is an incredibly strong backbone for our schools cob and cement coated walls. Knowing the school will be there for decades is well worth the extra sweat.

Today was the first day of felt work.  We have three teams assigned to various felt related activities, the way things are going thus far I'm thinking we will be finished with all of the felt work by mid next week.  

How we make that filler

The ladies inspecting a couple of the guys work, and helping to fill in gaps.

Ababe has got to be close to 50, but he climbs all over the structure with as
 much ease as the rest of us.

Desaleng and I enjoying the days work.  Or at least a conversation that helped pass the time

Temesgin and Degafe finishing up the birenda's external framing.

Not bad for a months worth of work

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